Amps to the Public

If You go to Stockholm and try find signs of “the era of electric cars” you have to read a book about it.

Because in the city the infrastructure is hidden away in a few parking houses and the charge spots are located in some corner far away from the exit.

Well not entirely..

At Kungsholmen we are blessed with two outdoor spots with a distance of a few hundered meters inbetween.

At Preem kungsholmen

And if you go south of town you can find one at McDonalds

At Mc Donalds south of Stockholm

Best way to find your charge sports is att

The infrastructure is perfect for the needs right now. Mainly because the charge spots are not occupied. Have not seen another electric car at the chargespots in Stockholm yet. Only at our meetings in ElbilSverige association.

Anyway the car runs fine and there is not yet any signs of battery aging. Have done a few 130 km trips with no problem.

Have made 9000 km now. That equals to 1350 liter gasoline or 17.500 SEK with my old SUV.

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723 kWh and 500 km later

I have now moved into the center of Stockholm and left the safe private parking space and socket behind.

The electricity now available is from public, yet quite experimental, points of charge.

Fortunately at Kungsholmen close to where I live electric company Fortum (Swedish) has two free of charge sockets opened with an RFID key. That is part of an evaluation project so the future of free charging is unknown

Anyway the cost of electricity is almost symbolic. After some 500km driving with my i-MIEW the energy meter at my old parking lot was reading 723kWh

Since a kWh is appr 1SEK it means 1.50 SEK/10 km

Compared to my “retired” Mercedes ML320 SUV consuming some 1.5L the cost would have been 500 x 1.5 x 13SEK = 9750 SEK!

Free or not is not the main issue since the price of the car is 350.000-380.000 SEK

The i-MIEV is still running on payed kWh from my old parking with some 50km driving remaininng.


Next stay tuned for the public charging adventure..

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Time to DRY UP



Today was the big day with visits to Swedish Automotive AB in Segeltorp for pick-up of the little electric car

Swedish Auto AB – Segeltorp
It took its time with the introduction of the car and papers to fill, but finally I rolled silently out of the hall.
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No power socket – yet

Underground 50 meters away from the car parking
The electrician has been contacted and will have a look in his toolbox how to pull a cable through an existing 30m plastic pipe underground to the parking lot. Probably connected to my private energy meter.
Here the cable will submerge
Here at the car parking the cable will submerge?
The wire plan

The wire plan

At the parking there are 16 slots. Step one is to power at least mycar using a power outlet/cabinet that does not require digging into the  frozen ground.

The race continues..
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Ok here we go

This blog will follow my history of owning and driving a Mitsubishi i-MIEV electric car.

It will arrive mid march 2011. The challenge will be to keep it charged and go where I want in the Stockholm, Sweden area.

Stay tuned!

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