Time to DRY UP



Today was the big day with visits to Swedish Automotive AB in Segeltorp for pick-up of the little electric car

Swedish Auto AB – Segeltorp
It took its time with the introduction of the car and papers to fill, but finally I rolled silently out of the hall.
It turned out it was one of the first cars to go out into the Stockholm traffic.
It was time to drive off – a full tank of delivery and it glides in 27 km/h
Interestingly, the “pull mode”. When releasing the brake the car pushes gently forward and you can quietly speed up gently moving the foot to the accelerator. No jerks and oddities.
First a trip to municipal of Solna to pick up my partner. On the ramp to the motorway at Bredäng no one lets me in to the right lane. A kick down and I am first in line. Really energetic. Quickly 90 km/h with no effort.
Familiar with electrical power I understand power loss in wires and motor is proportional to the square of the current – that is the acceleration.
The “Economy meter”  indicates how to keep energy consumption down. When you release the “gas” as the engine brakes gently and re-charge the battery a bit.
The term “full throttle”  is now outdated. Throttle is associated with carburettor associated with liquid fuel – nothing to do with gas. “Accelerator” may work?
After Solna again small suburb Årsta where challengers meet. Growl! My old ML320 frowns as the challenger pulls up in front.
Challenger MiEV set up in front of “Soon to Be Challenged” Mercedes ML 320th Please note a slightly embarrassed Toyota Prius (fossil-driven also) in the upper right corner.
Right into business. Time to work on the boat some 15km away.
A hefty tool bag is about what fits if you do not fold down rear seat. Wrom! Very steep at the end of the trip to lake Malaren.
Feels good to put back some mileage in steep descents.
Lille “DRY” arrived at the boat club
How neat! By coincidence, the letters in the plate is “DRY”.
I think it means the beginning of a dry era in which liquid fuel is no longer used – only dry electrons.
Maybe 75% tank now.
No power at home yet. The pipe for the power cable froze again so the electrician could not complete.
Will try again tomorrow when I hopefully steamed the ice away.
Stay tuned ..
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