Amps to the Public

If You go to Stockholm and try find signs of “the era of electric cars” you have to read a book about it.

Because in the city the infrastructure is hidden away in a few parking houses and the charge spots are located in some corner far away from the exit.

Well not entirely..

At Kungsholmen we are blessed with two outdoor spots with a distance of a few hundered meters inbetween.

At Preem kungsholmen

And if you go south of town you can find one at McDonalds

At Mc Donalds south of Stockholm

Best way to find your charge sports is att

The infrastructure is perfect for the needs right now. Mainly because the charge spots are not occupied. Have not seen another electric car at the chargespots in Stockholm yet. Only at our meetings in ElbilSverige association.

Anyway the car runs fine and there is not yet any signs of battery aging. Have done a few 130 km trips with no problem.

Have made 9000 km now. That equals to 1350 liter gasoline or 17.500 SEK with my old SUV.

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